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Uilleann pipe,Dronr Reed, Carbon Fiber,From Q1T

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                                       Uilleann pipe, Drone Reed, carbon fiber.

Condition: New
Brand: Quality 1 Trader Ltd 
Instrument:  Drone Reed 
- We are introducing you the new Uilleann Bagpipe Drone Reeds which are made of Aluminium and Tongue is 
- made Carbon Fibber.
Things provided in this package
  • Bagpipe Drone Reeds


The uilleann pipes have a different harmonic configuration, sounding sweeter and quieter than many other bagpipes. The uilleann pipes are often played indoors, and are almost always played sitting down.
The term "uilleann pipes" is initially used in the starting of twentieth century. William Henry Grattan Flood, an Irish music scholar, presented the theory that the name "uilleann" came from the Irish word for "elbow". 
The union or uilleann pipe required the joining of a bellows under the right arm, which pumped air via a tube to the bagpipe under the left arm. The uilleann or union pipes developed around the starting of the eighteenth century. Geoghegan's tutor of the 1740s calls this early form of the uilleann pipes the "Pastoral or New bagpipe". The Pastoral pipes were bellows blown and played in either a seated or standing position. The conical bored chanter was played "open", that is, legato, unlike the uilleann pipes, which can also be played "closed", that is, staccato. The early Pastoral pipes had two drones, and later examples had one (or rarely, two) regulators. The Pastoral and later flat set Union pipes developed with ideas on the instrument being traded back-and-forth between Ireland, Scotland and England, around the 18th and early 19th century.
It is steadily becoming usual that the union pipes launched from the Pastoral pipes and attained recognition in Ireland within the Protestant Anglo-Irish community and its gentlemen pipers. In the 19th century the instrument was still frequently connected with the Anglo-Irish e.g. the Anglican clergyman Canon James Goodman from Kerry, who interestingly had his uilleann pipes buried with him at Creagh (Church of Ireland) cemetery near Baltimore, County Cork. His friend, and Trinity College colleague, John Hingston from Skibbereen also played the uilleann pipes.


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