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Left Handed Professional Oud, 6 Course, Rosewood

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                                            Left Handed Professional Oud, Rosewood, 6 Course

Condition: New
Brand: Quality 1 Trader Ltd 
Size: 6 Course 
Instrument: Oud
Sub-Type: Acoustic

Six course oud with classic tear drop shape andbowl bottom.  It includes 5 wound nylonstrings and 6 rectified nylon strings, as well as a fixed rosewood bridge.  The body and neck are made from rosewood and thebowl has white pinstripes in between each wooden stave.  The neck, nut, and tuning pegs/ levers arealso made out of rosewood.  Itssoundboard is made from spruce wood and has a very natural look with variations of wood tone.  Ithas three oval shaped sound holes, one larger one in the center and two smallerones below on the sides.  Each have abeautiful geometric design around edge.  There is also a rosewood pick guard at bottomto help prevent scratching sound board when playing.  The decorations can vary from thosephotographed.  This oud  contains a great selection of woods andwonderful craftsmanship.  There aremultiple tuning options for instrument, but we recommend using the Arabicmethod: DGADGC.  This oud has a range ofmore than 3 octaves.   Accessoriesinclude a hard vinyl case and Owner's Guide.
The oud is the main instrument of Arabic music and ispopular throughout the Middle East.  Itmeans “piece of wood” in Arabic. 

Body/ Bowl:
20.5inches in length, 8.5 inches in width and 15.1 inches in height
Neck at Nut:
1.5inches in width
Neck at Body Joint:
2.25 inches in width
1.5 inches inwidth, made from rosewood
Scale Length:
24.625 inches
*12 rosewood tuning pegs/ levers


Things provided in this package
  • Oud
  • Nylon Case
  • Extra Strings Set

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