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15 Pcs Tuning pegs For Lute With Reamers ,Lute,

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                            15 Pcs Tuning pegs Rosewood For Lute

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- QUALITY 1 TRADER Ltd Instrument: TUNING PEGS Sub-Type: Acoustic


A tuning peg is used to hold a string in the pegbox of a stringed instrument. It is made of ebony, rosewood, boxwood or any other material. Few tuning pegs are decorated with shell, metal, or plastic inlays, beads (pips) or rings.Turning the peg tightens or loosens the string, altering the pitch created when the string is played and thereby tuning it.Friction pegs are most often used on violin family instruments. They are also used on older instruments, such as the Bulgarian gadulka and the hurdy gurdy, as well as on flamenco guitars.A correctly working peg will turn smoothly and hold consistently, that is, it will neither stick nor slip. Contemporary pegs for violin and viola have conical shafts, turned to a 1:30 taper, changing in diameter by 1 mm over a distance of 30 mm. The taper permits the peg to turn smoothly when pulled out slightly and to hold tightly when pushed in while being turned. Since the distinctive wear style on a peg shaft obstructs with this action, pegs rarely need refitting, a particular job which amounts to reshaping both pegs and holes to a smooth circular conical taper.Geared pegs for double bass and guitar family instruments are normally geared, and are called tuning machines or machine heads. Geared pegs for violin family instruments also exist, although they have not gained wide use. The most recently marketed pegs of this sort use planetary gears designed to fit inside a case shaped like a friction peg.


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