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Baroque Guitar, 5 Course

Condition: New
Brand: Quality 1 Trader Ltd
Size: 5 Course
Instrument: Guitar
Sub-Type: Acoustic

5-course and 6-stringed guitars are based on the instruments made by René Voboam. Voboam represented the height of French instrument building in the 17th century. Our major influence was a marvelous 1641 model, located in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England. The word 'course', when used in the guitaristic sense, refers to more than one string. Most often, it is two, but on some instruments you will find three strings. A common, modern example is the mandolin and bouzouki, both with double strings. On the Baroque guitar, two strings in a course can be tuned in unison or in octaves. When octaves are used for the lower strings, one of the strings is usually tuned an octave higher than the standard string, producing a bright and lively sound. To satisfy players of conventional classical and acoustic guitars, We agreed to produce a 6-stringed model. This version of the Voboam has become a successful fusion of styles with great appeal for those who enjoy playing an instrument with a rich history. The 5-course version can be used to play more modern pieces, being that it is tuned similarly to a 6-stringed version without the lowest course. For reliability and security of intonation, both the 5-course and 6-stringed guitars are fitted with eight, fixed, solid nickel silver frets. For the more traditional players, these instruments are available with tied nylon frets which are adjustable to the player's preference. The tied nylon fret models are available on a special order basis with production time being approximately 9-12 months. Modifications were made to the original design, including the reduction of inlaid decoration, which contributed little to the guitar's sound or functionality. Close attention was paid to the basic construction and materials to bring about a faithful representation of this beautiful guitar. Baroque guitar based on one by Giorgio Sellas is also available from Quality 1 Trader LTD.

The 5-course Voboam Guitar comes strung with the 5-Course Baroque Guitar String Set, with the recommended tuning being A2 A2 D3 D3 G3 G3 B3 B3 E4 E4 (AA dd gg bb e'e'). The 6-stringed Voboam Guitar comes strung with the Roosebeck™ 6-String Baroque Guitar String Set , with the recommended tuning being E2 A2 D3 G3 B3 E4 (E A d g b e'). We carefully set up each instrument for optimum action (string height): between 0.5-0.7mm at the 1st fret for all strings; 3.0-3.5mm at the 10th fret for the 1st string (or 1st course); and 3.5-4.0mm at the 10th fret for the 6th string (or 5th course). Each guitar comes with a Voboam Hard Case which provides exceptional protection for your instrument. This case features a rugged, faux leather exterior, plush cushioned interior, and a locking fastener. The Voboam Hard Case can also be purchased separately.

Neck and Sides: Walnut
Back: Walnut & Rosewood
Head Stock Plate, Fretboard and Bridge: Rosewood
Soundboard: Spruce
Rosette: Rosewood & Lacewood & Leather
Nut: Buffalo Bone

5-Course Dimensions:
Scale Length: 660mm
Overall dimensions: 902mm length, 228mm width, and 94mm depth
Fretboard Width: 49mm at the 1st fret and 58mm at the 8th fret
Weight: Approximately 1.11 kg or 2.45 pounds.

6-String Dimensions:
Scale Length: 660mm
Overall dimensions: 902mm length, 228mm width, and 94mm depth
Fretboard Width: 52mm at the 1st fret and 58mm at the 8th fret
Weight: Approximately 1.04 kg or 2.3 pounds.

Recommend Care:
It is very important that the instrument is stored in a humidity controlled environment, especially where the relative humidity is less than 50%. A Case Humidifier is a great way to protect your investment. It may be necessary to re-oil the fretboard every few months with Lemon Oil . A Pick Guard is not included, but, can be added for protection.

Things provided in this package

  • Voboam Guitar
  • Caring Case
  • Extra Strings Set

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