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Heatrd Shaped Wooden Dulcimer Hammers

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                          Heatrd Shaped Wooden Dulcimer Hammers

- This pair of Hearts shaped wooden dulcimer hammers are made from Rosewood With lacewood accents.
- There are leather pads on one side. The approximate length is 8 1/2".



The hammered dulcimer derives its name from the small mallets that players use to strike the strings, called hammers. Hammers are generally made of hard wood but can also be made from metal and plastic. In the Western hemisphere, hammers are generally firm, but in Asia, stretchy hammers are frequently used. The head of the hammer can be left bare for a sharp attack sound, or can be covered with glue tape, leather, or fabric for a softer sound. Two-sided hammers are also presented. The heads of two sided hammers are generally oval or round. Mostly, one side is left as bare wood while the other side may be covered in leather or a softer material such as piano felt.Numerous conventional players have used hammers that change significantly from those in general use today. Paul Van Arsdale (b. 1920), a player from upstate New York, uses flexible hammers made from hacksaw blades, with leather-covered wooden blocks attached to the ends. The Irish player John Rea (1915–1983) used hammers made of thick steel wire, wound with wool. Billy Bennington (1900–1986), a player from Norfolk in England, used cane hammers bound with wool.

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