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                                                    Mini Kinnor Harp

Scottish Wear Type:

- King David's Harp, 16"x8", 10 nylon strings for the biblical scale. Featuring DuPont hard nylon strings.
- Includes tuning tool.



Kinnor (also Harp of David) is the Hebrew name for a primitive Israelite lyre mentioned in the Bible (Genesis iv. 21) and commonly translated as harp.The archaic Hebrew Nevel usually is more a form of a harp and was used for sacred services. A figurative demonstration of the kinnor shows on ancient Hebrew coins. Jubal, the son of Lamech and Adah, is illustrated by the first book of Moshe, Genesis 4:21 as "the father of all such as handle the “kinnor” and “'ugab”"; that is, he was the first musicians and creator of music and the originator of the “kinnor” or lyre and of the “'ugab” or reed-pipe. The name Jubal is derivative from the root "to lead" or "bring forth," "to be fruitful", and the name Jubal propose likewise “the ram's horn”, and thus music.The recognition of the instrument is unsure, however a few historians of musical instruments say it is alike to the Greek cithara, though the Kinnura is a better representation which was in use among the Semitic peoples.The hebrew viol is linked with a moveable, many-stringed harp. The player sits on the ground, or on a low stool, and holds the viol in his lap. How many strings ("minnim") the instrument normally had is unidentified. The afterward instruments are famous to have had twelve strings. The hebrew viol is also evaluated with the modern Arab santir or the ancient Hebrew Nevel. In latest Hebrew, the word kinnōr refers to a violin and the word nevel means harp.


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