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12 String Baby Harp ( Engraved )

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                                        12 Strings Baby Harp Engraved

Condition: New
Brand: Quality 1 Trader Ltd
Size: 12 Strings
Instrument: Harp
Sub-Type: Acoustic
12 strings Baby Harp(Ideal Gift for the children by their Grand Parents) C to F – 2 Course with top quality material and workmen ship. It is 100% playable. The frame is made up of Rosewood with engraved, Sound board is made of Spruce wood, back is made up of Ash ply wood, Hard ware ( pins) are made of stainless steel which are free of rusting. Its Dimensions are (Height 47cm), (Width 35cm), (Depth 17cm), (Weight 2.2kg).Nylon strings which are used on this are specially made for harp and are very expensive.(Made from Dopont USA).This Harp is warranted for 1 year. If you face any problem in the harp you can replace it with in 1 year.

Things provided in this package
  • Harp
  • Tuning Key
  • Nylon Case


A baby harp is a chordophone instrument that is played by plucking one or more strings with the fingers. It is related in looking and playing method to further instruments in the harp family. It is one of the smallest kinds of harps and usually is grouped as a folk harp. The size of a baby harp is generally around 21 inches (53.34 cm) in height, qualifying it as a sort of lap harp. The small size of a baby harp means that it usually only has around 12 strings. This gives a baby harp a range of roughly one and a half octaves.Even though the baby harp is one of the smallest harps, it is larger than the lily harp. The lily harp is only about 15 inches (38.1 cm) in height and has only eight strings. Lily harps are normally "toys" and aren't proposed for play. Particularly, some producers also think baby harps as toy harps and therefore make them with quite low quality, but other producer deal baby harps with the equal importance as other harps and take every attempt to make sure the instrument is enduring and playable with a excellent sound. The baby harp is smaller than the pixie harp, which usually has 19 strings.Their small size makes them fine as "learner" harps, even proficient harpists can play them. They fit children very well and let students become familiarized to fundamental harp procedure. They also are much less costly to buy than their larger cousins, so damage to or loss of the instrument is not almost as catastrophic. A baby harp also is very easy to move from place to place, which is good for harpists who travel.Similar to other harps, a baby harp can have gut, wire or nylon strings. The type of strings the harp has impacts the sound of the harp somewhat, with wire strings sounding the brightest. Gut strings sound warm, but they don't project as much.


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