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Full dress sporran Gray rabbit w cantle Design SPO#245 From Quality 1 Trad

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                   Full dress sporran Gray rabbit w cantle Design SPO#245.

Condition: New
Brand: Quality 1 Trader Ltd 
Material: Leather
Scottish Wear Type: Sporran 
Sub-Type: Acottish Wear

- Brand New Full Dress Kilt Sporran in Black Leather, with a ORIGNAL Gray Rabbit Skin(FUR). The facing of the
- sporran is made of Rabbit fur, with three tassels in Gray Rabbit Fur. Nickel Silver coloured Cantel has been
- embossed with a beautiful Thistle cantle Design. Sporran closes with a Black Stud fastening to the rear of
- the Cantel. Comes complete with a black leather strap set and chrome chain. Sporran belt, is made of two
- black leather straps, with adjusting buckle, with two chains which clasp onto the Sporran at the rear. It is
- adjustable so it can fit any size from 28" to a 44" waist.
Things provided in this package
  • Sporran 


Sporran is a customary part of male Scottish Highland dress. It is a pouch that executes the same purpose as pockets on the pocketless Scottish kilt. Made of leather or fur, the decoration of the sporran is determined by the formality of dress worn with it. The sporran is worn on a leather strap or chain, conventionally positioned in front of the groin of the wearer.Since the traditional kilt does not have pockets, the sporran provides as a wallet and container for any other essential personal items. It is basically a survival of the common European medieval belt-pouch, archaic as clothing came to have pockets, but enduring in the Scottish Highlands due to the lack of these garnishing in traditional dress. "Day sporrans" are generally brown leather pouches with simple adornment. These "day" sporrans mostly have three or more leather tassels and commonly Celtic knot designs carved or embossed into the leather."Dress sporrans" can be larger than the day assortment, and are mostly highly elaborate. Victorian examples were usually quite pretentious, and much more comprehensive than the simple leather pouch of the 17th or 18th centuries. "Animal mask sporrans" are made from the pelts of mammals such as the badger, otter, fox, pine marten, or other small animals, with the head forming a flap that folds over the front and closes the opening at the top of the sporran."Horsehair sporrans" are mostly worn as a part of regimental attire. Pipers will frequently wear the mainly flamboyant sporrans with long horsehair that swishes from side to side as the piper marches.



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