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Double Head 16"x5-3/8Bodhran,irish drum inside tunable

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Double Head 16"x5-3/8 Bodhran, irish drum inside tunable.

Condition: New
Brand: Quality 1 Trader Ltd
Size: 16"
Instrument: Tunable Bodhran
- Professional 16"x5-3/8" Tunable bodhran double head Goat Skin (IRISH DRUM) T-Stick removable. Bolt
- tuning is hidden on the inside of the frame. Goatskin, Green colored mulberry wood.
Things provided in this package
  • Bodhran
  • Alan Key
  • A Tipper
  • Booklet
  • Nylon Case


Drumhead is a membrane stretched over one or both of the open ends of a drum. The drumhead is struck with sticks, mallets, or hands so that it vibrates and the sound resonates through the drum.
Initially, drumheads were made from animal skin and were first used in early human history. In 1956, Chick Evans introduced the plastic drumhead. Plastic drumheads made from polyester are cheaper, more resilient, and less sensitive to weather than animal skin. In 1957, Remo Belli and Sam Muchnick together developed a plastic head leading to the establishment of the Remo drumhead company.Although the advantages of plastic heads, drummers in historical reenactment groups such as fife and drum use animal skin heads for historical precision. Skin heads are used on most hand drums, comprising djembes, frame drums and congas, even recently, companies such as Remo have started producing artificial counterparts for certain hand drums such as congas. Another common material used for drumheads is aramid fiber, such as kevlar. More robust fiber heads, such as kevlar heads, are used mostly in marching percussion.A drum "hoop" or "rim" may be made of metal, wood, or other material and is used to hold a drumhead against a drum shell, either with bolts through metal "claws" linked straightly to a hoop, or bolts through holes in a flanged rim. The bolts, called "tension rods," are screwed into threaded "lugs" connected to the drum shell, in order to tighten and tune the drumhead. A "drum key" is a four sided wrench used to screw the tension rods into the lugs.Drummers soften their drums using unique drumheads like double-ply heads, "control ring" heads, and "hydraulic" heads, or assorted materials placed on the drumhead like o-rings, duct tape, muffling clamps, and a product called Moongel which is a blue, sticky, gel-like material also used to dampen cymbals. Drummers also place foam, pillows, or blankets inside the bass drum to reduce resonance and overtones.


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