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Rubab, robab or rabab is a lute-like musical instrument initially from Afghanistan but is also played in the nearby countries. It derives its name from the Arab rebab which means "played with a bow" but the Central Asian instrument is plucked, and is definitely diverse in production. The rubab is mainly used by Pashtun, Tajik, Kashmiri and Iranian Kurdish classical musicians.
The rubab is known as "the lion of instruments", and is one of the two national instruments of Afghanistan. Classical Afghan music often features this instrument as a key factor. It is known as the Kabuli rebab. When the Muslim musician Mardana became the first pupil of Guru Nanak the plucked rabab became necessary element of Panjabi hymns though, again, though it derived its name from the rubab the Punjabi instrument adopts a dissimilar technique of building.
The rubab is demonstrated from the 7th century CE. It is revealed in old Persian books, and numerous Sufi poets cite it in their poems. It is the traditional instrument of Khorasan and now it is broadly used in countries, such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, India, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.
The rubab holds as the first instrument used by Sikhism, it was used by Bhai Mardana the friend of Guru Nanak whenever a shabad was exposed to Guru Nanak he would sing it and Bhai Mardana would play it on his rubab he was known as a rubabi. The rubab playing tradition is still carried on by some sikhs such as Namdharis is comprehended as Sikh music.
Distinguished players:
Aziz Herawi (born 1952) Afghan born, now residing in California
Mohammad Omar (1905—1980), Rubab player from Afghanistan
Homayun Sakhi, an Afghan Rubab player and a student of Ustad Mohammad Omar,
Daud Khan Sadozai, Afghan born, now living in Germany
Quraishi, Afghan born, now living in New York

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