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4 Yards Mackenzie Tartan Pleated Piper Plaid

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                               4 Yards Mackenzie Tartan Pleated Piper Plaid

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- Quality 1 Trader Ltd Instrument: Tartan Piper Plaid - Mackenzie 


Belted plaid The belted plaid (or a plaid worn belted) is a large blanket-like piece of fabric which is enfolded around one's body with the material pleated or, more precisely, freely gathered and secured at the waist with the help of a belt. Usually, a portion of the belted plaid hangs down to about the knees with the rest of the material being wrapped up around one's upper body in many ways and pinned or otherwise secured to keep it in place.The belted plaid was a standard item of men's Highland dress from the late 16th century until the middle of the 18th century. It was also the pioneer of the modern tailored kilt. The belted plaid was used not only as a garment, but also for bedding at night, the wearer wrapping himself in it and sleeping directly on the ground.It was made from wool or a wool/linen amalgamation and twill woven in a style of colored stripes which today has become known as tartan, though originally the word tartan referred to the type of cloth (like linen, or cotton) and not the sample of colors as the word roughly solely indicates now a days.


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