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10 Pieces Rosewood Practice Chanter With Reed

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              10 Pcs Brand New rose wood Practice Chanter with Reed, Bagpipe.

Condition: New
Brand: Quality 1 Trader Ltd
Instrument: Practice Chanter
Sub-Type: Acoustic
- Best Quality Practice Chanter. Our most popular model. Traditional size, Black Plastic Mouth piece and ferrule
- &Rose wood body. Played by itself, this is the first step to learning the bagpipes. Includes reed. Key of B-
- flat. Wood Grain may vary. Approximately 19 inches long assembled. The stock on our chanters is
- approximately .595 -.61 inches (around 9/16-5/18") in diameter.
Things provided in this package
  • Practice Chanter
  • Reed
  • Key of B-flat


The bagpipe practice chanter is a double reed woodwind instrument whose key purpose is as an addition to the Great Highland Bagpipe. So its purpose is dual. Firstly, it is the instrument used to learn how to play the Great Highland Bagpipes before taking up the bagpipes themselves. Secondly, as its name indicates, the practice chanter can be used as a practice instrument for a more professional player.
The practice chanter is basically a long, thin piece of wood or plastic (in two parts) with a small-diameter hole bored lengthwise through the center. Air is directed into and through this bore hole and passes over a reed, the vibration of which causes the sound. On the lower part of the chanter, holes are bored into the instrument at right angles to the central bore hole. These holes are then covered or uncovered to create the melody.Practice chanters available in different dimensions and can be constructed from variety of materials. They are created in both a short size which is designed for the smaller hands of a child and a regular size. The regular size is the conventional chanter length. There is a long length version. The longer length chanters are long enough to accommodate a melody hole spacing identical to that of the bagpipe chanter itself. On some long chanters, the melody holes are also countersunk so that the outside face of the melody holes will have the same diameter as the bagpipe chanter holes.The central bore hole can be straight or conical in shape. The conical variety will have a larger sound hole at the base.


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